Stanfield Mission

Since the beginning of this initiative, Stanfield has been committed to providing exceptional educational content that cultivates social skills and promotes Social Competence and Transition Readiness in people facing cognitive, learning, and/ or behavioral difficulties. For more than 40 years now, we have continued to honor this promise, aiming to help as many students as we can excel in their personal and professional lives. 

A few numbers that we are proud of



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Why we use humor!

If you could recall one of your most favorite and memorable learning moments, would it be a boring and strict day in the classroom or a super-funny incident carved in your memory ever since? 

If you nodded positively in the second half of the previous sentence, you probably already know why humor is essential in learning. 

One of the main challenges educators struggle to tackle is capturing and maintaining their students’ attention. Humor plays a vital role in the learning process, as it allows teachers to engage their audience and encourages students to actively participate in the conversation. 

At James Stanfield Co, we always strive to incorporate humorous elements into our content to tickle students’ funny bones and increase the efficiency of teaching and learning in a more positive and enjoyable ambiance. Leveraging the power humor has, we seek to help educators intrigue their audience’s interest while ensuring students keep learning with the same excitement. 

Because laughing makes everything better – and learning is no exception! 

In other words, we believe you learn best when you laugh.

Our work values

The James Stanfield Company ethos is built on 4 pillars.


Who We Are

We are a team of passionate dreamers and active doers who wish to support students in acquiring essential life and social skills. During the last 40 years, we have been offering industry-leading courses that encourage Social Competence and Transition Readiness, focusing on students with cognitive, learning, and/ or behavioral difficulties. 


What We Do

We offer more than 60 programs covering topics like work-related social skills, conflict management, and relationship skills. We use Video Modeling, leveraging the talent of professional actors to depict appropriate and inappropriate responses to several social circumstances and foster vicarious social skill learning. 


Why We Do It

We firmly believe that students don’t have to learn the hard way. Instead of relying on old-fashioned and often inefficient teaching and learning methods, we harness the power of vicarious learning to help people learn in a more enjoyable, efficient, and simple way. 



Humor has an immense educational power that can make teaching and learning easier, more pleasant, and efficient. That is why we use a wide array of humorous elements in our programs to keep everyone interested and help them understand and retain more information. 

Our Team

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Dr. James Stanfield

Founder and President.

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Evan Stanfield

C.E.O. and Digital Guru

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Dr. Garilynn Stanfield

Curriculum Consultant specializing in Sexuality.

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Stacey Stanfield N.P.

Curriculum Consultant focused on Health.

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Dr. Rebecca Silva

Transition Skills Specialist

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Dr. Louise Fulton

Transition Skills Specialist

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Marklyn Champagne, RN, MSW, FAIDD

Intimacy and Relationships Specialist

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Leslie Walker-Hirsch, IMEd, FAIDD

Intimacy and Relationships Specialist

Our company history

Presenting Academy, the tech school of the future. We teach you the right skills to be prepared for tomorrow.

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Streaming Access

Most major programs added to our streaming platform Beehive LMS.


Circles App Proven Effective

American Journal of Sexuality Education published article proving efficacy of Circles App for students with Down Syndrome.


Circles Proven Effective

Circles Paradigm proven effective by Harvard University.


Communicator Award

First Job Survival Skills wins the Communicator Award in 2010.


BeCool mentioned in TIME Magazine

BeCool included in cover story Let Bullies Beware.