New Year, New Habits: 13 Tips and Tricks to Be Successful in 2017

It’s a New Year, Time for some New Habits

Welcome 2017! Lets bring in the New Year!

The New Year is knocking on our doors. If we want to usher in the new, we must put the old to rest. On New Year’s Eve we are often filled with determination and resolution (the origins of which are either excitement or a healthy amount of punch). We make promises every year… how many things have you promised? Many. Promises are good, but actions are better. In a recent article, Quartz reminds us of the coming New Year’s Eve (as if we could forget!) and the 13 habits we must get rid of as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at them and see if you can beat them.

1. One big “No” to unhealthy lifestyle
No wonder this is the first tip. You’ve heard the saying, “Sound mind, sound body.” Well, it’s true. Combine a healthy diet with physical activity, and your body will soon be quite grateful.

2. Change your mindset
There is certainly something to be said for living in the moment, but that doesn’t mean ignore the future. Successful people set long-term goals, and they know that these aims will only be achieved through short-term habits that need to be observed and maintained every day.

3. Don’t play small
If you never try to take the big, bold opportunities, or trust enough in yourself to allow your dreams to become reality, you will never realize your full potential.

4. Excuses! No in 2017.
This is a terrible habit! Finding excuses all the time and trying to avoid responsibility for your own actions is not a typical trait of successful people. Make mistakes, but do not blame the others. Be the master of your failures and success.

5. Give up the fixed mindset
We expand on this in the next step as well. In a fixed mindset, people believe that their intelligence and talents are fixed traits. Thus, so this line of logic goes, talent alone creates success — without effort. This is wrong. And successful people know this is wrong. Instead of assuming talent will automatically create opportunities, successful people invest an immense amount of time developing a growth mindset, acquiring new knowledge, and learning new skills.

6. Overnight success is a myth
The writer Malcolm Gladwell suggests it takes 10,000 to master something. Yes! Determination, hard work and perseverance are the keys to having a successful life, both personal and professional. Therefore, every day is important, every little thing you do matters. Dream about tomorrow, work hard today!

7. Stop being a perfectionist
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky
Fear of failure (or even fear of success) often prevents us from taking action, and putting our creation out there in the world. But a lot of opportunities will be lost if we wait for things to be right.

8. Multi-tasking? Think twice.
Time and time again there are multiple studies that show work performance is effected by multitasking. Thats not to say a Boss doesn’t like someone who can juggle multiple balls, but being able to stay focused and stay on task is incredibly important during those first 90 days at work! You think you are great at almost everything? You think that you are the best out there? Perhaps, but focus on one thing. Weigh things up and see where you true talent lies, then prove the world your value and worth.

9. Give up your need to control everything
Sometimes you just have to let go. Detach from the things you cannot control, and focus on the ones you can. Everyone needs a reminder that sometimes, the only thing you will be able to control is your own attitude. This isn’t always a fun realization, but it’s an important one.

10. Learn to say “No” to friends and family
It’s amazing how hard it is to say such a short word. Sometimes it’s hard to say “No” because we are afraid of rejection, or out of fear. Successful people know that their time is precious, and the results of their actions and efforts depend on their decisions. You have to learn to say “No” to tasks, requests and demands from friends and relatives.

11. Stay away from toxic people
We must surround ourselves with people who make us better, both in our personal and professional lives. Don’t waste time with those who are trying to drag us down or who are content with the status quo.If you surround yourself with people who are more advanced than you, no matter how challenging it might feel at first, you will be more successful.

12. Give up the need to be liked
It’s about time you realized this! You cannot be liked by everyone, no matter how kind, nice, great you are. There will always be a healthy number of people criticizing you, bullying, or teasing you. The person who pleases everybody pleases nobody. As long as you improve every day, this shouldn’t be a problem.

13. Don’t depend on social media and TV
Impulsive web browsing and television watching is a modern societal disease. These two should never be an escape from your life or your goals. Cyber Bullying is on the rise, and the amount of time spent doing essentially nothing is pretty amazing. Unless your goals depend on either, you should minimize (or even eliminate) your dependency on them. Direct that time towards things that can actually enrich your life instead. You will be pleased with the results!

From everybody at the James Stanfield Company, We wish you a happy and successful new year.

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