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BeCool Lower Elementary

Emotional intelligence can be taught at an early age – this program is great for the “littlest kids” who need to be taught how to manage emotions and reactions.

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What It's About

Conflict management is an essential life skill that students must learn in order to thrive in the classroom and beyond. That’s where BeCool Lower Elementary comes in. This program uses peer video modeling to teach students how to avoid “hot” and “cold” reactions to criticism, teasing, bullying, and anger with the help of Chester the Cat and his real-life friends.

It consists of five modules that cover a wide range of conflict management techniques. The first module introduces Chester the Cat and his friends, who model positive behaviors for students to emulate.

The remaining modules focus on specific conflict resolution skills such as remaining calm, using “I” statements, and finding compromises. Throughout the program, students participate in interactive activities and practice their newfound skills in real-life scenarios.

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“The kids love Chester! A unanimous “thumbs up” from all age levels”

Kelly Chicas, Counselor, Albuquerque, NM

What You Will Learn

As educators, we know how challenging it can be to manage the behavior of young children in the classroom. One minute they’re listening attentively and participating actively, the next, they’re throwing a tantrum or bullying a fellow student.

It’s a never-ending struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. BeCool Lower Elementary is a program that helps students understand and manage difficult behaviors, enabling them to interact positively with others both inside and outside the classroom.

BeCool Lower Elementary focuses on four classes of difficult behaviors: Criticism, Teasing, Bullying, Anger/Others, and Anger/Self. The program features video scenarios that show characters confronting a difficult person who is intimidating or manipulating them in some way.

This program is built on research-based practices that truly work!

Module 1: Coping With Criticism

Children’s reactions to criticism can vary greatly, with some becoming defensive or hurt while others might lash out aggressively. In this module, students learn why those reactions are counterproductive and what they can do instead. By teaching them how to respond calmly, they can take away the negative power that criticism has over them.

This module helps students to develop their emotional intelligence which is essential for school life, home life, and beyond. Since every student needs to learn how to deal with criticism, the toolkit in this module will help them develop their problem-solving and resilience skills that they can use to navigate uncomfortable situations outside of the classroom.

Module 2: Coping With Teasing

This module teaches your students how to handle teasing from peers in a confident and positive manner. The program uses relatable characters to provide examples that students can easily understand. Taylor, Dominic, and Amy deal with teasing from their friends in a COOL, calm, and assertive way, and your students can learn how to do the same.

Students will receive practical advice on how to stay calm, respond assertively and deal with the situation maturely. They will learn how to use positive self-talk to bounce back from any negative comments in a constructive way. The program is also designed to develop critical socio-emotional life skills such as self-respect, respect for others and how to foster relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.

Module 3: Coping With Bullying

The curriculum introduces children to different strategies for dealing with bullying, which they can then practice in the safety of their classroom. With 41 minutes of instruction, the module gives children ample time to learn about different types of bullying, the effects that bullying can have, and how to cope with bullying.

Module 4: Coping With Anger/Others

Module 4 is all about coping with anger towards others. Children are taught how to avoid reacting with a HOT or COLD response and how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way. With 40 minutes of instruction and a teacher’s guide, students can learn how to identify triggers and develop strategies for dealing with their anger.

By encouraging these skills, children can learn how to deal with anger in a productive way, setting a strong foundation for their emotional intelligence.

Module 5: Coping With Anger/Self

Next, the curriculum introduces children to the BeCOOL 4-Step Plan, which teaches them how to assertively act on angry feelings in a healthy way. With 41 minutes of instruction, children can learn how to identify the underlying emotions behind their anger and develop the skills to act on these feelings assertively.

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“Excellent! WE LOVE CHESTER! I am trying to implement the lower elementary Be Cool program to my whole school population (k-3). Unfortunately, the special Ed teachers several years ago were provided the curriculum and I am trying to locate bits and pieces enough to use with my 500 plus kids. The program is very appealing! Our Central Office bought kits for every elementary school (3 schools) and maybe the two middle schools.”

Becky Dale, Isle of Wight County Schools

After Completion

Using the BeCool program in your classroom can also have long-term benefits for your students. By teaching them conflict resolution skills at a young age, you are setting them up for success in all areas of their lives. They will be better equipped to handle challenging situations, communicate effectively with others, and develop strong relationships with their peers and adults.

With its emphasis on assertive techniques, peer pressure, and frustration management, this program can help children deal with the most common interpersonal problems they’ll face.

As educators, it’s our responsibility to help children develop these skills so they can navigate the challenges of growing up with grace and resilience. If you’re looking for a comprehensive violence prevention program for your classroom, consider BeCool Lower Elementary – your students will be glad you did!

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“Our elementary school counselors highly recommend your program. We need James Stanfield to be listed on our state approved list of bullying programs that are research-based.”

Jane Clark, Junior High Counselor, Glenpool, OK

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Using the power of video modeling, BeCool Lower Elementary is great for kids as young as four or five years old.

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