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Resolving conflicts isn’t about caving and losing control – teach your students how to make fair, amicable agreements with this training program.

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What It's About

Middle school can be a confusing time. Students are undergoing incredible personal, hormonal, and developmental changes, and all of this can leave them feeling moody and mercurial. It’s not uncommon for these mood shifts to lead to disagreements and conflicts, either between students or between students and teachers.

If you’re an educator, you know that managing these conflicts can be a challenging and frustrating process.

But what if there was a way to help your students help themselves, by empowering them to find their own solutions to conflicts?

Enter BeCool: Give & Take Conflict Management

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"I really like the video series. It touches on the needed topics in an appropriate manner."

Margaret Dolan, Teacher

What You Will Learn

BeCool: Give & Take Conflict Management is a program that teaches students how to negotiate their way toward a resolution during times of conflict. Rather than escalating tensions and pushing for a “win,” BeCool encourages students to collaborate and find a solution that works for everyone involved.

The program teaches skills such as active listening, compromise, and brainstorming, and provides students with practical strategies for resolving disputes, both big and small.

Module 1: Give & Take vs. Demands

In this module, your students will learn how to negotiate disagreements reasonably and fairly instead of using demanding as a negotiation style.

The idea behind this module is that people who demand things often create conflict and negatively affect relationships. Instead, give & take negotiation techniques will make it easier to maintain relationships and get what you want.

This module is designed to help your students practice negotiating skills using real-life scenarios. By mastering this technique, students can learn how to ask for what they want confidently while still being considerate to others.

Module 2: Give & Take vs. Intimidation

Your students will learn how to negotiate a truce and fair compensation using the BeCool Negotiation Plan instead of intimidation. In this module, BeCool uses a role-playing technique to teach students how to approach negotiations with a calm and positive attitude, even when under pressure.

The module also includes a teacher’s guide with different scripts and slides to help educators teach negotiation skills to their students. Students will learn how to express their needs in a clear and concise manner, so the other party understands their point of view.

This technique helps create an atmosphere of collaboration, win-win outcomes, and stronger relationships.

Module 3: Give & Take vs. Threats

Using threats to influence anyone is a bad idea. Students are taught the powerful win-win BeCool technique of remaining calm and assertive. This module is all about keeping negotiations positive. It is essential to avoid threats or insinuations to achieve a win-win scenario, where both parties feel valued and respected.

The BeCool technique helps students use language to communicate effectively and empathetically while also making sure their voices are heard. By modeling strong negotiation habits and strategies, educators can prepare students for their futures, whether it be getting the house furnishings they want or resolving a work conflict gracefully.

Module 4: Give & Take vs. Insolence

Teach your students that being COLD (whining and pleading) or HOT (insolent and demanding) will only lead to frustration. In this module, students learn that speaking insolently impedes their ability to succeed and get what they want.

Instead, they will learn to communicate with a neutral, honest, and respectful voice. In turn, others are more willing to work with them. The BeCool Give & Take program is built on treating others with respect and always striving to develop patience and compassion.

By learning to balance emotions and bring a level of regulation to their tone, students can build strong negotiation skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

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“BeCool is the best series I’ve ever used in any class! This program generates more discussion than any other teaching material.”

Betty Christiansen, Living Skills Instructor, Wesco Industries

After Completion

One of the greatest benefits of BeCool, according to educators who have used the program, is that it empowers kids to take ownership of the conflict management process.

By teaching them how to negotiate and find common ground, the program gives students the tools they need to resolve issues both in and out of the classroom. And because the program encourages students to work together to find solutions, it helps build camaraderie and fosters a sense of community within the school.

Conflict is a fact of life, and learning how to manage it effectively is one of the most important skills we can teach our students. BeCool: Give & Take Conflict Management is a program that empowers students to take control of the conflict resolution process, and offers practical strategies for finding solutions that work for everyone involved.

If you’re an educator looking for a way to help your students manage conflict more effectively, BeCool is definitely worth exploring. It’s the kind of program that can have a lasting impact on both individuals and communities, making it an incredibly valuable addition to any school’s curriculum.

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“This series combines captivating graphics, impactful mnemonic devices, and the proven effectiveness of Assertion Theory. Kids teaching kids is a powerful concept that James Stanfield employs to great effect in the BeCool videos. I am pleased to be able to endorse them.”

Michael T. Brown, PhD Professor, University of California, Nationally Recognized Authority on Child Development

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