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Conflict management can be tough for middle schoolers, but these modules will help you teach your students to “put the brakes” on their emotions.

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What It's About

Middle school is a challenging period in any student’s life, and learning how to manage conflicts healthily is crucial for their success. At this age, students’ self-esteem and sensitivity to criticism are at an all-time high.

That’s why the BeCool Middle School program is essential in teaching your students how to navigate the emotional storms of interpersonal relationships during these pivotal years. It is a comprehensive set of resources designed to help educators teach students how to handle challenging situations.

The program is broken down into five modules that aim to help students “put the brakes on” their emotions and let reason kick in when faced with difficulties. The modules cover various topics, from understanding others’ perspectives and communicating effectively to dealing with anger and conflict resolution.

With the BeCool Middle School program, educators can provide students with the tools they need to navigate relationships with their peers and adults respectfully.

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“My kids love it… They Love Being Cool!”

Sylvia Samek, Administrator, Windsor, ON

What You Will Learn

The BeCool Conflict Management program is designed to address four classes of difficult behaviors that can be expressed by others. In each of the video scenarios, a character is challenged by a difficult person trying to intimidate or manipulate them. The program models three different ways to respond to these situations: blowing up or “HOT,” giving up or “COLD,” and being in control or “COOL.”

The program also teaches over 20 specific assertive techniques to cope with conflict in everyday situations such as sharing, keeping promises, peer pressure, and handling frustration.

BeCool teaches much more than a violence prevention program; it helps students build self-confidence by giving them tools to navigate conflict effectively. With peer video modeling, students can see how their peers handle difficult situations, creating a safe and supportive learning environment. The program is research-based and has shown to be effective in teaching conflict management to all levels.

The BeCool program teaches students how to be proactive in resolving conflicts, empowering them to take control of their lives. The program teaches students how to express their emotions in a healthy way and be assertive in their communication. These skills are essential for building healthy relationships and building self-confidence.

Module 1: Criticism

Criticism can be hard to take, even for adults. For middle schoolers, it can be especially difficult. Our program teaches students how to respond to valid and invalid criticism without losing their cool.

They will learn how to listen carefully to feedback and evaluate it objectively, rather than taking it personally. They will also learn how to respond assertively, rather than getting defensive or giving up.

Module 2: Teasing

Teasing can be a constant source of stress for middle schoolers. Our program teaches students the COOL way to maintain dignity and self-control when faced with teasing from peers. They will learn how to use humor to deflect teasing, how to stay calm and collected, and how to set boundaries when necessary.

Module 3: Bullying

Bullying can take many forms, from verbal to physical to gender-based harassment. Our program teaches students the tools they need to cope with all types of bullying. They will learn how to stay calm and collected in the face of bullying, how to set boundaries, and how to get help when necessary.

Module 4: Coping With Anger/Others

When someone is angry with us, it can be hard to know how to respond. Our program teaches students how to respond assertively, rather than getting defensive or aggressive. They will learn how to use the BeCool method of assertion to respond to anger directed towards them.

Module 5: Coping With Anger/Self

Sometimes, we feel angry at ourselves, and it can be hard to know what to do with those feelings. Our program teaches students how to assertively act on angry feelings they have towards others by using the BeCOOL 4-Step Plan.

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"Fantastic-easy to teach. Engaging. Adaptable for learning styles and attention spans."

Jacq Beith, Counselor

After Completion

The BeCool Upper Elementary program is a comprehensive program that can help your students to develop critical social and emotional skills.

In today’s world, students need to possess a range of social and emotional skills to succeed in life. As an educator, you are aware of the importance of developing these skills in your students.

At times it may seem like a daunting task, but with the BeCool Upper Elementary program, you are just a few clicks away from giving your students the tools they need. The BeCool program has been developed to help improve children’s social and emotional skills, enabling them to navigate life’s ups and downs with confidence.

With this program, your students will be better equipped to navigate life’s challenges, build strong relationships, and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Don’t wait any longer to give your students the tools they need to succeed – sign up for the BeCool Upper Elementary program today!

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“The BeCool series is a vital component of our daily instruction. We integrate the videos in our morning warm ups for middle school aged children. The series has provided strategies for our students to incorporate into individual action plans. BeCool is a wonderful tool that supports and encourages middle school students.”

Jay Hooper, Teacher Maryville City Schools

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With five teachers guides and countless resources, this program can help your middle schoolers stay cool as cucumbers in any situation.

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