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If you want to teach your students about social boundaries, Circles Complete can help you do it with ease.

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What It's About

Being able to navigate relationships is an important life skill. However, for students with disabilities, it can be challenging to understand social boundaries and interpersonal skills. This is where the Circles Complete program comes in to make a difference. The program is designed to teach social and relationship skills in an easy-to-understand format that is useful across various contexts.

The Circles Complete program consists of three different programs that aim to teach social and relationship skills. The curriculum is designed for students with disabilities, specifically those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The programs build upon each other to provide a comprehensive set of skills to students.

The three programs included in the Circles Complete program are Level 1, Level 2, and Circles: Elementary. The first two programs in this sequence build upon each other to provide a comprehensive set of skills to students, while the latter is a modified program to meet the needs of our youngest learners.

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“Those video’s are amazing. They really explain step by step. Can’t ask for better explanations”

Annie Chenier, Community Integration Agent, SEAPR , Ottawa, ON

What You Will Learn

The Circles program is a color-coded concentric circle method that teaches appropriate behaviors, feelings, and actions based on the level of intimacy. The center circle represents the self, and each outer circle represents different levels of relationships, from family members to acquaintances.

By using the Circles program, students can learn about social distance and understand why it is essential to respect boundaries. They will learn that hugging and kissing are appropriate behaviors for close family members or friends in the Blue Hug Circle but may not be appropriate for someone in the Orange Wave Circle, such as a mailman or grocery clerk.

Circles: Intimacy & Relationships, Level 1

The first part of the Circles: Intimacy & Relationships, Level 2 program expands on the Circles concept your students may already have learned. This new and subtler concept introduces the idea of degrees of intimacy within the same circle.

This allows for more flexibility and variation within each relationship circle to express differences in similar relationships. Your students will learn about three social boundaries – touch, talk, and trust – and how they apply to each relationship.

By visually representing touch, talk, and trust using transparent icons, your students will understand that these boundaries may vary at different rates depending on the circumstance and the person. Your students will learn that boundaries can be straddled and that this brings up new risks that they need to be aware of to protect themselves.

Circles: Intimacy & Relationships, Level 2

The second part of the program addresses the dynamic and ever-changing nature of relationships.

Your students will learn to recognize signals of change that indicate circle-jumping, reversal of intimacy levels, rejection of intimacy, or even relationship dissolution. These signals are expressed through touch, talk, and/or trust, and they may not always be mutual.

Developing strategies for social success and self-protection are addressed in real-life examples presented through live-action reality stories. This part of the program will give your students the tools they need to navigate the complexities of social interactions in a safe and healthy way.

Circles: Elementary Edition


New to Circles Complete is Circles: Elementary Edition, which is tailored specifically for our younger students who might be struggling with social nuances (or perhaps just encountering them for the very first time).

This program works to positively influence social skills by helping little learners develop empathy and conflict resolution skills so they can better navigate conflicts. It also teaches crucial concepts like how to personal space and boundaries, how to safeguard themselves against exploitation, and how to communicate with others.

This course offers an immersive, hands-on instruction (with lots of captivating details to help even the youngest tots understand these core concepts!). It plays a pivotal role in boosting self-confidence and problem-solving skills, too – something your students need as they begin to get comfortable in various social settings.

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“We have used Circles for many years and we can easily adapt it to the different functioning levels of our clients”

Ann Roth, Administrator, Chester, PA

After Completion

Relationships are an integral part of a person’s life. We all need to understand how to navigate them, and it is important to ensure that all students with disabilities have access to this education. The Circles Complete program is an easy-to-follow solution that covers different levels of skills, making sure students can learn at their own pace. With the addition of Circles: Elementary, it’s also a flexible and easily modified choice for younger learners who may not yet have the ability to grasp more complex concepts.

One of the primary benefits of the Circles Complete program is that it helps students improve their social skills. The curriculum is designed to teach social and relationship boundaries, which is something that many students struggle with. By completing this program, students will learn about personal space, touch, and privacy, which will help them interact with others respectfully and appropriately.

In addition, the Circles Complete program teaches students about different forms of communication, including verbal and nonverbal communication, and provides strategies for effective communication. Students will learn how to express themselves clearly and respectfully, listen actively, and respond appropriately to others. These skills will help them communicate effectively with peers, teachers, and other adults in their lives.

Finally, completing the Circles Complete program can help students build confidence and self-esteem. The curriculum is designed to promote self-awareness and self-determination, which are essential for building a positive self-image. As students learn about their strengths and challenges, they will develop a better understanding of themselves and their abilities. This knowledge will help them feel more confident in their interactions with others and more secure in pursuing their goals.

As educators, it is our responsibility to provide our students with the resources and tools they need to succeed. The Circles Complete program is an excellent resource for helping students build essential life skills that will serve them well in their personal and academic lives.

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“The Circles curriculum was fantastic. I saw real improvements in the students I worked with learning how to interact appropriately with others.”

Supported Employment Program, MB, CA

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With 3 programs that teach interpersonal skills, social and relationship boundaries, and relationship-specific social skills, this bundle is all-inclusive and easy to use.

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