First Impressions

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first expression – teach your students how to do just that with this guide.

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What It's About

In this fast-paced world, we often make snap judgments based on just a few seconds of interaction with someone. We say not to judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, this type of “first impression effect” can hinder the success of students, especially those dealing with developmental, learning, and emotional challenges.

As educators, it is essential that we help our students learn how to make a great first impression, and the First Impressions Course by Stanfield Company does just that.

It focuses on the four basics of making a great first impression – cleanliness/hygiene, grooming, dress, and attitude.

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“Wonderful Program. Never before have I presented an instructional video with so much immediate impact. My students really go the concepts. The lessons in First Impressions will help them win acceptance throughout their lives.“

Kathleen Redmond, Living Skills Instructor

What You Will Learn

The First Impressions course offered by Stanfield Company is a comprehensive series designed to teach students about the importance of first impressions and how to make a positive one.

The series features the wildly popular Stanfield Comedy Players, who use comedy to teach

wince-worthy lessons that help students learn by watching the laughable behaviors of others. This approach helps reduce the bite of the lessons and helps students feel less self-conscious when they realize they’ve done similar things.

The course covers a range of topics, including good dental care, hygiene, and creating a mistake-proof wardrobe. It is taught by professionals in their respective fields, including our dental consultant, Dr. Steven Subject, DDS, who motivates students to care for their teeth by emphasizing the relationship between good dental care and “kissable” breath.

You’ll even hear from our fashion consultant, Jennifer Chapman, who teaches students how to create a wardrobe that makes an excellent first impression while also discussing special dressing considerations.

Module 1: Hygiene

The Hygiene module in the First Impressions Course is designed to teach students with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and emotional challenges the basics of personal hygiene.

In this module, students will learn the essentials of both male and female hygiene, as well as the significance of cultural norms of cleanliness.

During the Hygiene module, students will learn:

  • how to take a five-minute shower
  • which parts of the body to wash
  • how to properly shampoo hair
  • how to maintain proper genital and defecation hygiene
  • how to prevent disease
  • how to identify signs of infection
  • proper menstrual care

The module covers everything students need to know to maintain good personal hygiene and to help make sure they leave a positive impression on others.

Module 2: Grooming

Grooming is more than just looking presentable. It’s about showing that you care about yourself and others. In Module 2 of the First Impressions Course, you will learn the specific “rules of the road” for interacting appropriately with others.

You will see illustrated examples of classic right and wrong ways to interact with others that are humorous yet informative. You will have access to step-by-step demonstrations that will show you how easy it is to get a “wash and wear” haircut, keep your hair looking good throughout the day, wash your face, cut your nails, apply make-up and sunscreen.

After completing this module, students will have a basic foundation in acceptable manners and grooming etiquette that they will use daily.

Module 3: Dress

Wearing well-fitted clothes is not only more comfortable, but it shows that you take pride in your appearance. A timeless, classic style is always a safe bet, and the module will teach students how to achieve this look.

But it’s not just about looking good. Clothes can affect how others perceive us, and that’s something that Module 3 emphasizes. Do you want to be seen as approachable, confident, or professional? It all starts with the right attire.

By the end of the module, students will understand that their clothing choices can have a significant impact on their interactions with others.

Module 4: Attitude

The Attitude module begins by addressing the negative impacts of bad manners and how good manners promote respect and acceptance. It then delves into the meaning and importance of attitude, outlining what it means to have a bad attitude versus a good one, and how this can impact social behavior.

Your students will learn about behaviors associated with a bad attitude, such as being disrespectful, irresponsible, conceited, negative, and disinterested.

On the flip side, they will also learn about behaviors associated with a good attitude, such as being respectful, responsible, humble, positive, and interested. The module also includes a chart to illustrate the behaviors that convey good and bad attitudes.

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"Great! Used the hygiene videos often. They really helped the staff when words were not enough."

A. Snyder, Administrator, Saco, ME

After Completion

The First Impressions Course includes detailed instruction on the four basic blocks of making a great first impression.

After all, a student’s first impression can impact their social and academic success. Educators owe it to their students to provide them with the tools they need to make an excellent first impression. The First Impressions Course by Stanfield Company uses an entertaining and humorous approach to teach good manners and social behavior. This approach is designed to engage your students and make the learning process more enjoyable.

By incorporating the course into your teaching, you can help your students improve their self-confidence and increase their chances of securing employment in the future.

By providing students with the First Impressions Course by Stanfield Company, educators can help their students improve their social and academic standing through strategic and practical training.

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“I love the First Impressions series. It is very appropriate for DCD students and incorporates a level of humor to keep them interested.”

Madeleine Carter

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Includes step-by-step demonstrations of the people skills you need to make a good First Impression.

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