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First Job Survival Skills 3

Correct common misperceptions and assumptions that young people tend to bring to the workplace.

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What It's About

Congratulations! You’ve finally landed your first job, and you’re ready to take on the world. But wait, do you really know what to expect in the workplace? Many young people have unrealistic expectations of what work is like, which can lead to disappointment and frustration. That’s where First Job Survival Skills Level 3 comes in.

This program focuses on correcting false notions of entitlement many young professionals bring to the job. By confronting unrealistic fantasies about the work world, this program helps students develop realistic expectations of the workplace, so they don’t have to learn the hard way.

But what are some of these misconceptions?

For example, work is not like school, where you might get second chances or endless opportunities to make things right. The workplace is different, with its own set of rules, expectations, and requirements. First Job Survival Skills Level 3 prepares you for this reality, so you know what to expect when you start your new job.

The program also highlights the importance of soft skills in the workplace. Often overlooked, these skills are crucial for success on the job. Soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving are essential for building relationships with colleagues, handling difficult situations, and achieving your goals. First Job Survival Skills Level 3 helps you develop these skills so that you can excel in your first job.

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“He’s finally out of the house! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


What You Will Learn

Starting a new job can be overwhelming and intimidating. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the world revolves around you, especially if you’re used to being the center of attention. But the truth is that your first job is all about learning how to be part of a team, taking responsibility, and putting in the hard work needed to succeed.

Lessons in this unit include the following workplace delusions, each explained through the lens of an employee with this particular “delusion”:

  • My Needs Come First (The Boss is Not Your Parent)
  • Rules Don’t Apply to Me (The Boss is Not Your Homeboy)
  • I Deserve Special Privileges (Co-Workers are Not Your Fans)
  • I’m a VIP (The Boss Doesn’t Owe You a Living)
  • Work’s Got to Be Fun (The Workplace is Not a Party)

Module 1: The Man Who Mistook His Boss for a Mommy

In the workplace, the dynamic between an employee and the boss is distinctly different than that of a parent-child. Your students will learn why favoritism, over-dependency, and lack of independence can be detrimental to their careers.

The 68 minutes of instruction is not just about understanding the concepts but also developing real-life skills to manage work relationships effectively. The teacher’s guide will help you tailor the module to students’ abilities and help them develop judgment skills.

Module 2: The Man Who Mistook His Boss for a Homeboy

This module focuses on how workplace standards differ from street culture. Your students will learn that behavior tolerated in their neighborhoods may not be acceptable in their workplace. It teaches accountability, responsibility, and the importance of keeping personal and professional life apart.

The instruction in this module provides a thorough understanding of workplace culture and helps develop skills and behaviors expected at work.

Module 3: The Woman Who Mistook Her Boss for an Admirer

This module addresses how beauty, praise, and flattery, which may have worked well in social life, could backfire in a work environment. The 49 minutes of instruction span over two modules and cover topics such as feedback, recognition, and handling positive and negative responses.

Your students will learn the importance of how they are seen, maintaining boundaries, and demonstrating skills required to remain professional. The teacher’s guide features interactive activities that help students internalize the materials better and prioritize behaviors that are essential to succeed in a work environment.

Module 4: The Man Who Mistook His Boss for a Promoter

Success is all about hard work, dedication, and perseverance. This module is a great reminder of that, and it can help students shift their mindset from entitlement to proactivity.

Module 5: The Woman Who Mistook Her Workplace for a Party

This module focuses on the importance of professionalism in the workplace. You may have had the luxury of putting your social life first while you were in school, but that won’t fly in the workplace.

This module can help students understand the importance of being professional, showing up on time, and focusing on their tasks – rather than making new friends.

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"FJS 3 is a great introduction to workplace reality. The humor really makes a difference"

Tracey Parker, Vocational Programs Supervisor, Orange, CA

After Completion

First Job Survival Skills Level 3 takes a highly innovative approach to correct mistaken perceptions and entitlement in the workplace.

Through a series of four segments, the program prepares young professionals for the shock of an environment where what they need, feel, or desire does not come first and often doesn’t matter.

No more mistaken perceptions and expectations of entitlement – just accurate perceptions of soft skills to help young professionals succeed in their first job.

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“Very good. Our students like the humor in your films”

Fran Schmid, Senior Employment Specialist, Family Residences, Islandia, NY

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This unit includes five hours of instruction, five modules, a teacher’s guide, and countless activities to prepare students for the workplace.

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