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Teach your students how to live safely, healthfully, and fully with the LifeFacts Family Life Curriculum.

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What It's About

For individuals with special needs, navigating life can be a bit of a challenge. From understanding personal finance to staying safe in the community, the challenges can seem endless.

That’s where the LifeFacts Family Life Curriculum Series comes in – a course of study designed to empower individuals with special needs to live life more fully, safely, and healthfully.

The LifeFacts Curriculum Series is a comprehensive course of study that focuses on core areas of knowledge essential for making competent decisions in specific life contexts. The series consists of 6 teacher’s guides: Family Life, Health and Wellness, Money Matters, Safety and Security, Self-Advocacy, and Social Relationships.

Each teacher’s guide comprises six to eight chapters, and each chapter contains age-appropriate activities, worksheets, and visual aids to help students with special needs learn essential life skills.

What You Will Learn

This curriculum is designed to provide individuals with developmental and learning disabilities with a core body of knowledge that will help them make competent decisions, take appropriate actions, and live life to the fullest.

Each LifeFacts program focuses on a specific topic relevant to daily life. These topics include Abuse Prevention, Smart Trust, AIDS, Managing Emotions, Sexuality, Substance Abuse, and Injury & Illness. With these programs, your students will gain essential knowledge on everything from staying safe to managing their emotions, all presented in a way that is both pragmatic and easy to understand.

The heart of each LifeFacts Family Life program is the diagnostic/prescriptive curriculum. This curriculum uses a sequence of behavioral objectives and lesson plans to prescribe instruction, ensuring that your students receive the relevant and appropriate information they need.

In addition, a collection of teaching pictures is included on DVD to help present and reinforce lesson content. These teaching pictures can also be used in presentations or assessment interviews.

To further reinforce the lessons learned, LifeFacts Family Life also includes student worksheets. These worksheets are designed to follow up and reinforce learning, helping your students better digest the information and apply it to their daily lives.

Pretest/post-test instruments are also included, allowing you to assess your students’ knowledge in each topic area. The assessment questions are also useful for preparing an individualized education plan (IEP).

LifeFacts: Sexuality

The LifeFacts: Sexuality program is an essential resource for teaching the facts of intimate human relationships to adolescents and adults with special needs. It includes a section on HIV/AIDS to ensure your students have all the information they need to make safe and responsible choices.

The program features a video and 54 color illustrations to engage and educate your students. A teacher’s guide is also included to help you deliver effective lessons your students will remember.

LifeFacts: Substance Abuse

Substance abuse and chemical dependency can have devastating effects on individuals and their families. The LifeFacts: Substance Abuse program teaches students about the dangers of substance abuse and emphasizes how they can avoid drugs and make healthy choices.

LifeFacts: Sexual Abuse Prevention

Sexual abuse is an epidemic that affects millions of individuals worldwide. The LifeFacts: Sexual Abuse Prevention program contains the materials necessary to teach abuse recognition, prevention, and protection strategies for adolescents and adults with special needs.

LifeFacts: SmartTrust

SmartTrust strategies are essential for helping students avoid falling prey to financial, social, physical, and emotional exploitation. The LifeFacts: SmartTrust program provides students with the tools they need to recognize and avoid abuse and exploitation.

LifeFacts: Managing Emotions

Managing emotions can be a challenging task, especially for individuals with special needs. The LifeFacts: Managing Emotions program teaches students techniques to effectively manage anger, sadness, fear, and joy.

LifeFacts: Health, Illness, and Injury

Teaching important lessons about health is essential for adolescents and young adults with learning difficulties who need preparation for the dangers of illnesses and injury. The LifeFacts: Health, Illness, and Injury program provides students with the necessary information to stay healthy and avoid preventable illnesses and injuries.

After Completion

As an educator, it is essential to equip your students with the tools they need to succeed in every aspect of life, including essential life skills.

The LifeFacts Complete Program offers students a comprehensive understanding of essential life skills such as human relationships, substance abuse, sexual abuse prevention, SmartTrust strategies, managing emotions, and health, illness, and injury.

Each topic is crucial for students to understand, and by completing this program, they will have a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Make sure your students get the best advantage of the LifeFacts Complete Program – and experience major personal and professional growth.

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