BeCool- Middle School 2: Give and Take Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

BeCool®: Middle School Give & Take

The Conflict Resolution - Middle School 2

#1 Conflict Management Program In America! Teach your students win-win negotiation skills!

The BeCool® series is a vital component of our daily instruction. We integrate the videos in our morning warm ups for middle school aged children. The series has helped our students incorporate specific strategies into individual action plans. BeCool is a wonderful tool that supports and encourages middle school students.
Jay Hooper

What is the Conflict Management - Middle School 2?

Teach your students win-win negotiation skills!

BeCool: Give & Take follows, in format and production value, one of the most widely used and highly recognized educational series ever developed—BeCool: Conflict Management. Give & Take expands the BeCool Conflict Management concept beyond coping with immediate provocation by teaching students how to negotiate lasting resolution to conflicts and disputes. The program teaches the same techniques used by top negotiators to resolve disputes in business, law, and government. The negotiation skills students acquire through the Give & Take series will be tools on which they can rely, over and over, throughout their lives as they interact with family members, friends, co-workers, and authority figures. Your students will learn that negotiation, not force or emotional blackmail, is the best way to obtain what they want from others—and that Give & Take Negotiation, a method that emphasizes fairness, leads to agreements that develop mutual respect and promote future cooperation.

The major components of the negotiation based conflict management process are presented in a series of video scenarios in which one character tries to reach agreement with another using three different negotiation approaches—a “HOT” (aggressive) style, a COLD (passive) style, and a “COOL” Give & Take style. The negative consequences of the manipulative HOT and self-defeating COLD approaches are then illustrated, along with the positive consequences of the mutually respectful COOL Give & Take approach. The COOL Give & Take approach is outlined in three easy steps: Gather Intelligence, Set the Mood, and Make a W.I.S.E. agreement

In this series, your students will learn:

  1. The clear advantage of using Give &Take Conflict Management ethical negotiation over force, threat, and/or manipulation to settle differences
  2. The basic elements of an ethical, win-win agreement.
  3. How to avoid being a passive “SOFT” negotiator by over-compromising in order to escape from dealing with natural disagreements.
  4. How to recognize and respond to the one-sided demands and manipulation of the “HARD” negotiator who wants too much.
  5. How to use the BeCool approach to make a W.I.S.E. agreement.
  6. How to decide issues based upon merits rather than personality.
  7. How to use “third party” unbiased criteria instead of personal opinion as a measure of fairness.
  8. How to recognize and respond to unfair bargaining tactics and emotional blackmail. And more!

The BeCool paradigm is research based and truly works.

The Stanfield Way

The child who is ‘left behind’ most is the one who leaves school without transition readiness.

Dr. James Stanfield, Ed.D.

Stanfield Special Education Curriculum

VideoModeling® Programs

VideoModeling® is a ground-breaking teaching concept originated by the James Stanfield Company that’s used in thousands of public and private schools across America and Canada for special education needs.

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James Stanfield Co.

My students were glued to the screen. Love Stanfield’s humor. This is the way to teach social skills.

Susan Simon, Principal

Using Humor to Teach Social Skills

Humor = Retention

We believe you learn best when you laugh. By making the classroom experience more comfortable and enjoyable, humor can make teaching and learning more effective, especially for the K12 segment. At Stanfield, we use humor as an integral part of our curricula.

If you as a speaker don’t help your audience to remember your lessons, then you’re wasting everyone’s time. Humor… can help accomplish that needed retention…

Gean Perret, Screenwriter
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