Job Skills- Generation ME- The Workplace is Not a Party

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School To Work Skills

Module 5: The Woman Who Mistook Her Workplace for a Party

Module 5

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I thought the videos were great!

Terry D. McGee
Module 5: The Woman Who Mistook Her Workplace for a Party

Teach your students that the office is not a nightclub.

In this module, your students will learn that while at school they may have chosen to put their friends and social agenda first but in the workplace this choice does not exist. Learning the job skills necessary is paramount. This one-hour drama is about Faith, who enters the workplace with a head full of fantasies about good times and partying. Faith’s specific delusion of grandeur centers on her belief that she is the ultimate fun girl and party animal, and that her likeability and personality alone will guarantee her a spot in any workplace.

Faith’s misconceptions include thinking her boss and co-workers will forgive her lack of job skills and:

  • Welcome her to the workplace social club
  • Embrace her outgoing party personality
  • Make her work experience fun
  • Always put pleasure before business
  • Let her make friends and schedule dates
  • Join her in chattering, chattering, chattering

Your students will see how Faith’s fantasy workplace collides with reality when she discovers a zero tolerance policy in regard to her non-stop socializing. They will first see Faith in school where her social calendar and plans take precedence over learning. When it’s time to get a job, she imagines that the workplace will simply be a place where she can have fun, make new friends and further her frenzied social agenda. However, Faith’s fantasies clash with reality very quickly when her boss turns out to disapprove of her wild party attire, her over-the-top squealing and her too social, too personal style. Your students will see the episode end with two different scenarios. In the first, Faith continues to pursue her hectic social life on the job and ends up getting fired. In the second, she “gets it” enough to survive her first job.

The Stanfield Way

The child who is ‘left behind’ most is the one who leaves school without transition readiness.

Dr. James Stanfield, Ed.D.

Stanfield Special Education Curriculum

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VideoModeling® is a ground-breaking teaching concept originated by the James Stanfield Company that’s used in thousands of public and private schools across America and Canada for special education needs.

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James Stanfield Co.

My students were glued to the screen. Love Stanfield’s humor. This is the way to teach social skills.

Susan Simon, Principal

Using Humor to Teach Social Skills

Humor = Retention

We believe you learn best when you laugh. By making the classroom experience more comfortable and enjoyable, humor can make teaching and learning more effective, especially for the K12 segment. At Stanfield, we use humor as an integral part of our curricula.

If you as a speaker don’t help your audience to remember your lessons, then you’re wasting everyone’s time. Humor… can help accomplish that needed retention…

Gean Perret, Screenwriter
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