Help your students avoid common financial pitfalls and develop strong money management skills with this course.

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What It's About

Money management is one of the most crucial life skills that a student must learn. However, many schools do not teach financial literacy, leaving students to learn the hard way about the importance of money management.

This is where the MoneySmart program from the Stanfield Company comes in. It is tailored toward educators looking to provide their students with helpful resources on financial literacy. In today’s society, where economic mobility is more difficult than ever, it’s crucial that we equip our youth with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions about financial matters.

With the help of the MoneySmart program, educators can provide students with invaluable lessons on budgeting, saving, and investing – skills that will not only benefit them in their personal lives but also set them up for success in the professional world.

This program is designed to educate students about saving, budgeting, and wise financial planning. The MoneySmart program is an excellent resource for educators who want to teach their students valuable life skills that will help them succeed in their future financial endeavors.

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"We are hoping to have BeCool Fridays. So each child will wear their sunglasses on Fridays during recess to pledge to follow the steps of the program and BE COOL! We are excited!"

Jennifer Marstellar

What You Will Learn

We’ve all heard the saying, “Money doesn’t buy happiness,” yet many of us foolishly continue to squander our earnings on material possessions that provide temporary satisfaction. Whether it’s the latest designer handbag or an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant, overspending can be a dangerous trap that leads to a lifetime of debt and financial insecurity.

Fortunately, the Stanfield Company’s MoneySmart program provides valuable tools for students looking to become financially literate and gain control over their spending habits. Unlike many traditional financial literacy programs that rely on textbooks, the Stanfield program is interactive, visually appealing, and suitable for kids of all ages. The program uses games, app simulations, and interactive lessons to engage students.

How to Avoid Compulsive Shopping

For those of us who have ever felt that familiar pull towards a shiny new object, it can be difficult to resist indulging in impulsive purchases.

However, the MoneySmart program provides techniques for recognizing the emotional triggers that drive us to overspend, and offers alternative coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and anxiety.

How to Avoid Being a Spendthrift

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that money is limitless, especially in today’s consumerist society. However, overspending can lead to debt and financial insecurity in the long run.

The MoneySmart program provides insightful resources on budgeting and saving, empowering individuals to take control of their finances and develop healthy spending habits.

How to Be a Savvy Shopper

Are you tired of overspending? Do you want to get more bang for your buck? The MoneySmart program can teach your students how to become savvy shoppers.

This means learning how to comparison shop, understanding sales and discounts, and knowing when to walk away from a deal that seems too good to be true.

How to Avoid Blowing Your Budget

Do you have trouble sticking to your budget? Do unexpected expenses always seem to derail your financial plans?

The MoneySmart program can help students learn how they can avoid blowing their budgets. This means learning how to create a realistic budget, tracking your expenses, and making adjustments when necessary.

How to Avoid Being Duped and Scammed

Have you ever been a victim of fraud or identity theft? Do you worry about falling for a scam? The MoneySmart program can teach students how to avoid being duped and scammed.

This means learning how to identify common scams and frauds, protecting your personal information, and knowing what to do if you become a victim. By staying informed and aware of potential dangers, you can protect yourself and your finances from harm.

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“Wonderful information."

Charla Dunham, K-12 Counselor, Tenino, WA

After Completion

The MoneySmart program is an excellent resource for educators who want to teach their students valuable life skills that will help them succeed in their future financial endeavors.

With hands-on learning experiences, students gain practical experience in managing money, which can be applied to their everyday lives. The program empowers students to take charge of their financial future by teaching them the necessary skills and knowledge to become financially independent.

The program is designed to be accessible to all, encouraging collaborative learning between students and teachers.

With the MoneySmart program, educators can help their students become financially responsible adults who are ready to take on the world.

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“The videos are great.”

David Moser, Counselor, Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit, Lancaster, PA

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Teach students everything from comparison shopping to avoiding scams in this comprehensive package.

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