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Complete Job Skills Library

Everything you need to provide your students with the work, social, and SEL skills they need for any job.

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What It's About

It’s no secret that social skills play a crucial role in virtually every aspect of life, including job success. Unfortunately, many young adults lack these essential abilities, putting them at a disadvantage when seeking employment.

Luckily, the Stanfield Company has the perfect solution to this problem with the Complete Job Skills Library.

The Complete Job Skills Library from Stanfield Company is a comprehensive package of resources that provides educators with the tools they need to teach their students the social and emotional skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

The package includes 16 DVDs on First Job Survival Skills, 6 on Job Smart 1&2, Transitions Curriculum, and Making the Effort, providing over 18 hours of instruction and teaching over 200 Social/Emotional Work Skills!

What You Will Learn

Starting your first job can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have the right skills to help you excel in the workplace. The Complete Job Skills Library includes several resources to help your students thrive in any workplace environment.

First Job Survival Skills Library

The First Job Survival Skills series is designed to help employees navigate the interpersonal and personal qualities needed to survive and grow in the workplace. The three modules cover different aspects of on-the-job success, starting with Surviving the First 90 Days.

This module focuses on the soft skills needed to make a good impression and secure a permanent position, including communication, problem-solving, and dependability.

Attaining Permanent Status is the second module in the series and focuses on developing the attributes essential for job retention and promotion. These soft skills, such as friendliness, honesty, and cooperation, are what set us apart in the workplace and help us build a strong reputation.

By mastering these skills, employees can become valuable assets to any company and significantly improve their chances of future career advancement

The third module, Surviving Delusions of Grandeur, confronts the unrealistic fantasies many young people have about the work world. From personal freedom to endless second chances, the workplace is not like school, home, or the neighborhood.

JobSmart 1&2

JobSmart 1&2 is a comprehensive program that covers essential job, social, and emotional skills. It organizes these skills into a small group of the most critical behaviors experts have identified as necessary for someone to be considered competent.

With video modeling, the program breaks down these critical behaviors into easily digestible modules. The first module includes six stand-alone video segments that focus on topics such as interview conduct, self-presentation skills, and communication with bosses and coworkers.

The second module is geared towards teaching students what not to do in the workplace and how to avoid common faux pas that could affect their ability to find or keep a job.

Transitions Curriculum, Level 1 & 2

The Transitions Curriculum was designed by two nationally known transition experts and extensively field-tested in California before becoming a Stanfield bestseller. It is now used in thousands of schools across the US and Canada.

What makes this curriculum unique is its focus on social and emotional learning critical to independent living. By mastering personal management, career management, and life management skills, students will be better equipped to pursue their goals and succeed in the workforce.

The lessons in the Transitions Curriculum are filled with highly motivating, hands-on activities that are relevant to the real-world orientation of young adults today.

Each lesson includes objectives, relevancy statements, student journal updates, individual and group activities, evaluations, key vocabulary words, materials and preparation sections, and core subject crossovers. The curriculum even includes SCANS Skills references, making it easy to integrate the lessons into your existing teaching plans.


After Completion

In today’s competitive job market, employers need workers who can solve problems effectively. The Complete Job Skills Library includes various modules that focus on enhancing students’ problem-solving abilities.

These modules provide students with practical problem-solving skills that they can apply in real-world situations. With these skills, students will be better equipped to identify, analyze, and solve problems they face in their jobs. As a result, they’ll be more valuable to their employers and contribute to the growth of their organizations.

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The Complete Job Skills Library is a comprehensive package that teachers can use to equip their students with everything they need for job success.

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