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Life doesn’t come with instructions – but with this program, you can give your students the life skills they need to succeed.

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What It's About

We all know that having good social skills and emotional intelligence is key to success in life. Whether it’s in the workplace, family gatherings, or social situations, being able to navigate different personalities and situations with ease can make a huge difference in how we feel and how others perceive us. LifeSmart can help your students do just that. It’s a curriculum designed to help students develop social and emotional intelligence skills. This includes everything from how to build and maintain healthy relationships with friends, coworkers, and bosses, to developing realistic expectations in relationships and learning how to read and respond appropriately in social situations.

The program uses a unique teaching model called “Not Smart or LifeSmart,” which is designed to help students learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid the pain of social rejection that often comes with experiential learning. It focuses not just on social skills, but also on emotional intelligence (EI), which is often just as important, if not more so, in determining success in life. EI refers to the ability to recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions, as well as recognize and respond to the emotions of others.

This is crucial in building strong relationships, managing stress, and being successful in a wide range of career fields. By teaching students these skills early on, LifeSmart can help set them up for success in life.

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“Perfect for our clients; have been using LifeSmart for years now; it helps our clients to get a hold on their own life; and it has given workers the tools to work with them on these ‘subjects’.”

Rylie Dean

What You Will Learn

Interpersonal skills are invaluable in today’s society. They can help you create and maintain strong relationships, build trust with others, and succeed in your personal and professional life.

LifeSmart Complete is a training course specifically designed to help students develop these skills. By completing the program’s modules, students can improve their empathy, self-awareness, self-control, intimacy discrimination, nonverbal language facility, and social deftness

The program is broken down into a series of courses that address specific areas of social competency, including job interactions, basic socialization, safety, money, relationships, and more.

JobSmart Job Skills

It’s important to maintain good relationships with your coworkers and bosses once you land a job. Nobody wants to be that person in the office who is constantly complaining or causing problems. LifeSmart Complete’s JobSmart Job Skills provides advice on avoiding irritating your coworkers and bosses

It also provides training on how to learn new things and get promoted, keep your job for the long term, and even how to find a job in the first place.


The PeopleSmart module of LifeSmart Complete is all about developing your ability to connect with people in meaningful ways.

Whether you are an extrovert who loves going to parties or a bit more introverted, this module will give practical tips on how to initiate conversations, ask questions and create a positive first impression.

Once you have met someone, the PeopleSmart module will teach students how to turn an acquaintance into a friend. This involves learning how to deepen your conversations beyond small talk and finding common interests.

Another key aspect of the PeopleSmart module is teaching you how to avoid getting into trouble with strangers. This includes knowing how to assess safety risks, recognizing potential danger signs, and creating boundaries to stay safe.


The SafetySmart section of LifeSmart Complete offers a range of practical tips for staying safe in various situations. Students will learn how to be safe at home and as a pedestrian, as well as how to use transportation. They will also gain valuable knowledge about how to use fire department resources and contact and interact with police.

The program also teaches students how to access free healthcare and get help from the pharmacy. In today’s world, knowing how to stay safe and get help when needed is vital – and with SafetySmart, students can learn how to do just that.


The DateSmart section of LifeSmart Complete provides young adults with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate relationship issues. This includes the art of saying no, how to practice abstinence, and how to protect their boundaries.

Moreover, students will learn how girls can avoid getting into trouble and how guys can avoid getting into trouble.

The program also helps them understand the sexes – highlighting that women and men really do think differently about intimacy and relationships. By giving students tools to make informed decisions and protect themselves, DateSmart promotes healthy relationships and safer dating.


Financial responsibility is an essential life skill, and the MoneySmart section of LifeSmart Complete covers it all. Students will learn how to avoid compulsive shopping and being a spendthrift.

It shows students how to avoid blowing their budget and being duped or scammed. MoneySmart also teaches students how to be savvy shoppers and be safe while shopping online. Through this program, students will learn the value of money and how to manage it effectively.

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“I’ve check out other products from other companies, but nothing works with our students like the Stanfield products. The exaggerated humor of [LifeSmart] really keeps the students’ attention and we’ve found that the products consistently work. That’s why we keep buying these products over years-and why we’ll continue to do so.”

Joanne Petuchovas, First Occupational Center, NJ

After Completion

The LifeSmart program by Stanfield Company is a program that’s guaranteed to transform your students into well-rounded individuals. It provides them with the skills necessary to succeed in life and prepares them for the realities of the real world.

As an educator, you’ll be proud to see the positive changes the program will bring to your students’ lives. So, don’t wait any longer- give your students the gift of the LifeSmart program and watch them flourish!

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“Your materials have been a lifesaver for us. Because our students are strong visual learners, the video components [of LifeSmart] work out great. We watch on scenario and then go out in the community and roleplay what we just learned. The language, too, is right on target-easy to understand yet no letting the students feel they’re being talked down to.”

Bill Evans, Cardinal, Cardinal Cushing School, Hanover, MA

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