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What It's About

Finding a job is a daunting task, especially for students with disabilities. However, a well-prepared and trained student can overcome any obstacle with ease. JobSmart by the Stanfield Company covers everything from interview conduct to on-the-job skills – and it has received critical acclaim from educators worldwide.

The JobSmart program comprises six parts that use video modeling to teach students how to land a job and keep it by getting along with bosses and co-workers. It provides teachers with two teacher’s guides that offer step-by-step instructions on how to implement the program, including lesson plans, assessments, and reproducible.

These guides are also customizable, allowing teachers to modify the content to fit their students’ unique needs. In addition, the program includes activities that promote problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

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"The Stanfield Company produces high-quality…an agency could develop a comprehensive training program just from their materials. The curriculum that corresponds with the video [Job Smart] is excellent. The curriculum also provides several detailed activities, including role-playing. This package would provide most of the necessary training for a person to be prepared for a job."

Bart Trench, Workshops, Inc. Birmingham, AL

What You Will Learn

The JobSmart program is designed to teach students the most important Work Do’s and Don’ts based on expert research into what constitutes essential job skills.

The program breaks down these skills into two modules with six stand-alone video segments, making it easy for students to digest the information in bite-sized pieces. Each video segment focuses on a specific skill, such as interview conduct or getting along with co-workers.

The JobSmart program uses video modeling to show students how to behave in various workplace scenarios, from interviewing for a job to interacting with customers. By seeing these scenarios acted out on video, students can better understand what’s expected of them in the workplace.

The JobSmart program sets the bar for teaching job skills to your students. It covers everything a student needs to know about landing a job and keeping it, from preparing a resume to dealing with difficult co-workers. The program is effective because it focuses on the most important job skills, rather than overwhelming students with too much information at once.

How to Avoid Staying Unemployed

The program provides a step-by-step approach to crafting a career plan, from assessing one’s career interests to researching job opportunities, and from engaging with professional associations to following up on job leads.

How to Avoid Irritating Your Coworkers

No one wants to be labeled as the difficult, rude, or unproductive employee in the office. Yet, many young professionals struggle to adapt to the norms and expectations of their coworkers and superiors.

The JobSmart program addresses this challenge by teaching students how to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, manage conflicts, and handle difficult situations with tact and professionalism.

Students will also receive guidance on how to develop their emotional intelligence, which is crucial for building positive relationships with colleagues, and to foster a sense of empathy and respect towards diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

How to Avoid Irritating Your Boss

Even if the job itself is rewarding and challenging, a poor relationship with one’s supervisor can quickly lead to dissatisfaction, stress, and even termination.

The JobSmart program emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s boss’s needs and expectations, demonstrating initiative and creativity, meeting deadlines and targets, and seeking feedback and advice on how to improve one’s performance.

How to Get a Promotion

If your students are looking to move up the career ladder, then this section of the JobSmart program is a must. They’ll learn about the importance of attitude, hard work, punctuality, and time management. They’ll also learn how to communicate effectively with their bosses and colleagues, how to stand out from the crowd, and how to develop a track record of success.

How to Avoid Getting Fired

No one wants to be laid off or fired, but unfortunately, it does happen. In this section of the program, your students will learn about the most common reasons employees get fired, including poor performance, misconduct, and safety violations.

They’ll also learn how to stay on their employer’s good side by being reliable and responsible, responding positively to feedback, and avoiding office politics.

How to Avoid Getting Hurt on the Job

Safety should always be a top priority for your students when they are at work. This section of the JobSmart program teaches your students about the different types of workplace injuries, how to identify and report hazards, and how to use personal protective equipment.

This section also includes a variety of case studies and examples to help your students understand the importance of safety in the workplace.

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“[JobSmart] was wonderful for my adult transition students age 18-26. We start each day with one segment. They are just the right length-hold the interest very well and get the point across very well.”

Pat Klein

After Completion

JobSmart is an all-in-one program that prepares students for the workforce. It includes customized plans, video lessons, and interactive assessments. It’s a comprehensive resource that’s designed to help students not just get a job, but succeed in their chosen career.

JobSmart is an essential resource for any educator looking to provide their students with the best possible chances for success. It’s an all-inclusive program that will help your students stand out to potential employers.

By completing JobSmart, your students will develop valuable skills that will benefit them in all areas of life. So, invest in your students’ future by signing them up for JobSmart today!

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“This program [JobSmart] has greatly increased client-job readiness skills.”

Adult Services, Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Chicago, IL

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