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Emotional intelligence can be taught – teach your students how to keep their cool in all situations in this helpful training program.

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What It's About

As educators, we have the power to shape the social behavior and emotional intelligence of young children. Emotional intelligence, a trait that can be more important to social success and individual happiness than IQ, can be nurtured in children through various teaching techniques.

The BeCool program teaches children impulse control, empathy, and self-awareness, promoting self-control and interrupting impulsive behavior.

It is based on Assertion Training, which helps children learn how to be assertive, recognize negative behavior, and model positive conflict resolution. This program uses unique teaching icons to symbolize three types of responses that children may show when reacting to conflict: aggressive/HOT, passive/COLD, and assertive/COOL.

Every time a particular response is illustrated, it is paired with the respective icon that symbolizes that response. By using these icons and videos to model various behaviors, children can learn how to be in control of their emotions and approach conflict in a constructive manner.

The BeCool series is designed to be age-appropriate, with each level having its own individual modules complete with a minimum of three DVDs and a comprehensive teacher’s guide. The modules cover various aspects of problem areas that children may encounter and teach skills that can help them become more self-aware.

Using this program, educators can help children develop better impulse control, empathy, and other emotional intelligence traits that are necessary for success in life.

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“I have used “BeCool” in another school, and it is fantastic for student interest and results. It is one of the best conflict resolution/bullying tools I have seen in the last 25 years of my work in public schools. All grade levels benefit!”

D. Weaver, Counselor

What You Will Learn

The BeCool series is based on Assertion Training, which is a paradigm designed to help students learn how to assert themselves effectively in conflict situations.

The BeCool program has different packages available for different age groups, making it a valuable resource for any educator. The lower elementary package focuses on teaching students how to respect each other’s personal space and how to say no effectively.

The middle school package builds on these concepts and includes more complex conflict situations such as cyberbullying and peer pressure. The high school package focuses on issues that are particularly relevant to this age group, including relationship conflict and social media drama.

Each package includes lesson plans, videos, and activities that are engaging and age-appropriate.

BeCool Lower Elementary

The BeCool program is designed to help students avoid “hot” and “cold” reactions to stress and conflict.

In the Lower Elementary version of the program, students will watch videos featuring Chester the Cat and his real-life friends as they model how to deal with criticism, teasing, bullying, and anger. The BeCool paradigm focuses on assertive action, and students will learn the BeCool 4-Step Plan for acting on their angry feelings toward others.

Elementary program includes 41 minutes of instruction and a teacher’s guide to help you implement the program in your classroom.

l Lower Elementary, your students will learn invaluable conflict resolution skills that they can use to manage stress and build better relationships with their peers.


BeCool Upper Elementary

In the Upper Elementary version of the BeCool program, students are taught effective and ineffective strategies for dealing with difficult feelings and people. The program includes five modules that address topics such as empathy, anger management, and communication skills.

Along with the modules, the program includes a BeCool poster and five teacher’s guides to help you implement the program in your classroom.


BeCool Middle School

This program is designed specifically for the middle school years. It helps prepare students for difficult situations and emotional storms that they may encounter. The program comprises five modules, and each of them contains detailed guidance for both teachers and students.

It includes a BeCool® poster and five teacher’s guides that provide extensive support for educators to teach the program efficiently and effectively. The posters are designed to serve as a reminder to students about the concepts taught in the program and can be hung up in classrooms, hallways, or anywhere else students gather.

The teacher’s guides are detailed and user-friendly, with step-by-step instructions for implementing the program in the classroom.


BeCool Middle School Give & Take

BeCool Middle School Give & Take Conflict Management’s primary focus is to teach students how to negotiate and make fair agreements through the process of communication.

With its modules, your students will understand the importance of negotiating with others, learning how to listen, articulate their thoughts and feelings, and find a mutually agreeable solution. This module will help create a more robust, constructive, and harmonious school environment.


BeCool Middle School Losing IT!

Before learning how to manage conflicts with others, one needs to understand how to manage themselves first. That’s where the BeCool Middle School Losing IT! module comes in. This module will teach your students how to use rational self-talk to put problems into a realistic perspective and avoid common thinking mistakes that lead to the loss of control and destructive behavior.

The module focuses on teaching students how to control their emotions under stressful and challenging circumstances, understand the consequences of their actions, and learn the art of problem-solving.


BeCool High School – Special Ed Edition

High school is a tough time, and it becomes even more challenging for students with Special Ed needs. Students with special needs can be more prone to face bullying, rejection, and criticism, leading to stress and anxiety. The BeCool High School Special Ed Edition module focuses on teaching teens and young adults how to handle these situations and remain cool under pressure.

This module has four modules that focus on dignity, respect, empathy, and emotional regulation. The students will learn how to confront their feelings and handle emotions, and will learn essential skills to deal with bullying and other conflicts.

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“The heart of violence prevention is teaching alternatives to the use of demands and threats as a means of getting what we want. This program does just that!”

Susan Simpson, Principal

After Completion

The social behavior of any child shapes their future, and the BeCool program helps ensure that children learn how to become well-rounded and emotionally intelligent individuals. The program teaches specific reflective thinking techniques that promote self-control, stop bullying, and interrupt impulsive acts.

By using these techniques, children learn to understand their own emotions and regulate their responses to various situations—critical factors that can impact their future lives.

The BeCool program also helps children develop assertiveness to deal with different conflict scenarios. It teaches children how to be more confident and assertive in expressing their opinions, feelings, and making decisions. This increases their self-esteem and also helps them become more socially confident.

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“The BeCool series is an exciting program that gives children skills to manage relationships with their peers. These are lifetime skills necessary for our children to become responsible adults.”

Barbara A. Coleman, Principal, Evers Park Elementary School, Berton, TX

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BeCool Complete is an all-inclusive package that includes programs for students of all ages and abilities so you can teach them crucial conflict-resolution skills.

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