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What It's About

Teaching life skills to students can be challenging, especially when it comes to creating a curriculum that aligns with modern-day scenarios. With the changing job market, it has become imperative for students to possess skills beyond academics.

The Stanfield Company recognizes this need and offers a solution — The Ultimate Transitions Bundle. This program is designed to help students with disabilities acquire independence and learn the practical skills necessary to succeed in the real world.

The Ultimate Transitions Bundle consists of two essential programs: the Transitions Curriculum and Making The Effort.

With the first program, students can learn a wide range of social skills that are a necessity in today’s workplace. The second program focuses on developing the right habits and mindset.

The goal is to make students understand that hard work and soft skills go hand in hand.

The package includes:

  • 5 teachers’ guides
  • 424 lessons
  • 130 reproducible social skills worksheets
  • 600 reproducible worksheets
  • a Social Behavior Index to help teachers assess and evaluate the progress of their students

The Ultimate Transitions Bundle is designed with a personal touch, making it relatable to students. The lessons are designed to discuss real-world problems that students may have encountered in their personal lives.

It helps students understand the significance of building social skills on a practical level. This personal approach makes the lessons meaningful and engaging. Instructors who have used the program note that students with disabilities often thrive with this curriculum, as it emphasizes skills beyond academic knowledge.

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“Your Transitions Curriculum provides our special needs students of all levels with ‘real life’ school-to-work information. We refer to your program as ‘Life 101’!!! Thanks!!!”

Barbara Klaus, Teacher, West Suffield, CT

What You Will Learn

The Ultimate Transitions Bundle is an all-encompassing program that is suitable for a wide range of students. It can be an excellent resource for special education teachers looking to teach practical life skills, or high school teachers looking to emphasize the importance of soft skills.

With the inclusion of Making The Effort, the program can be used to teach the significance of discipline, habits, and a positive mindset. With 424 lessons that range from social skills to job readiness, this program is a one-stop shop for teachers looking for a comprehensive curriculum.

Making the Effort

Making The Effort program is based on the motivational Theory of Attribution, which states that how people behave is dependent on what they attribute their behavior to. In simple terms, it means that what people believe about their actions plays a crucial role in their future decisions and outcomes.

The program emphasizes that of the three elements of success, i.e., effort, luck, and talent, effort is the only one that students can control. Making The Effort program for LD, EH, and ID secondary students teaches that working hard leads to acquiring soft skills, which, in turn, helps attain work and social goals.

Through the Making The Effort program, students learn to see that their effort is the primary cause of their success. This belief helps them take ownership of their actions and work towards their goals with commitment, perseverance, and determination. Students also learn that a lack of effort is the primary cause of failure.

The program is divided into two parts, and each part builds upon the other. Part One introduces students to the concept of attribution theory and explains its significance. It also includes interactive activities that help students develop an understanding of the relationship between effort, soft skills, and success.

Part Two of the program focuses on practical applications of Part One’s concepts. It includes interactive group activities and discussions that help students understand how to utilize the skills they have learned to achieve their goals.

The program is highly versatile and can be implemented in various settings, like a classroom, an after-school program, or a community group.

Transitions Curriculum

The Transitions curriculum covers three critical areas of competency that students need for independent living: Personal Management, Career Management, and Life Management.

The program is filled with highly motivating hands-on activities and includes:

  • 300+ detailed lessons
  • 600 reproducible handouts
  • Objectives
  • Relevancy statements
  • Student journal updates
  • Individual and group activities
  • Evaluations
  • Key vocabulary words
  • Materials
  • Preparation sections
  • Core subject crossovers
  • SCANS Skills references

This makes it the most extensive, flexible, and comprehensive print curriculum available today.

The Transitions curriculum is designed to be used in schools-to-work programs. Currently, the curriculum is used in thousands of schools across the US and Canada, making it a proven, effective tool for student transition.

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"The value and impact of this curriculum is immeasurable. What could be more important than supplying students with the skills and knowledge to make the transition from being a student to being a responsible working citizen!”

Diane Harris

After Completion

As an educator, one of our main goals is to prepare our students for the future – a future where they can transition confidently into adulthood, manage their own finances, and build a successful career.

But, as we all know, it’s not an easy task. It requires consistent effort on our part to provide students with the necessary life skills to tackle the real world.

The Ultimate Transitions Bundle can help you do just that.

Another benefit? Employers look for employees with a blend of skills and experience. The Ultimate Transitions Bundle is designed to prepare students with varying abilities to succeed in the workforce.

By teaching practical skills, students can be more prepared to tackle obstacles and take on challenges. The program provides students with the ability to work in groups, communicate effectively, and think critically.

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“The Transitions Curriculum has increased my interest and enthusiasm for teaching exponentially. This curriculum put the fun back into teaching.”

Pat Ryan

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