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January 02, 2024


TouchAutism Reviews Circles App

TouchAutism.com just published the following review on their site and we are ecstatic. Thank you Kathryn! We couldn’t be more pleased with the impact this app is having. Head on over to TouchAutism.com and read the full review!

Welcome to the world of circles! This app is perfect for individuals that struggle with appropriate personal space. It teaches about relationships, social boundaries, and safety. I was privileged to review this app. I have had multiple parents inquiring about apps that prevent abuse, and teach safety to special needs children. Many kids with Autism struggle with personal space and community safety. They struggle to understand what is appropriate and what is not. This app really can help with that. It is very visual. The colors are bright. The illustrations are personable. The interface is easy to navigate too. Let’s begin!

Who is Touch Autism?

Touch Autism is an private app developer for kids with Autism, Down syndrome and other special needs. The apps they build are geared toward helping peoples with various disabilities live independent and productive lives. Touch Autism began building mobile device applications in 2010 for children with special needs after discovering how incredibly useful this type of technology can be. They also review Apps and have a small team dedicated to the creation, testing, and review of apps.

I would definitely recommend this app. It will suit all children but will definitely assist many children on the Autism spectrum. It is a very comprehensive app but is easy to use and doesn’t require additional instructions. The narrator really steps you through the process. Users that do not know how to read or struggle with visual learning will additionally benefit from the auditory instruction.

We can’t thank Touch Autism Enough!

Kathryn is a mom to 2 incredibly wild but adorable little boys. After hearing the diagnosis of Autism for her oldest son, she sought out to find the best treatments, products, apps, and strategies to love him with. She has become a bit of a guru when it comes to Autism Apps & Products on the market but is always excited to learn more. When she is not spending time with her family, she likes to write, renovate her house, and pin as many things as she can on Pinterest.

As you are adding family members in each circle, you will create either an illustration or you will upload a photograph of them. Often, you won’t have pictures of each person in every circle you want to add. That is why I love the caricatures available. There are 40 to choose from and customize them as you like. Some children are very literal will want a picture of the individual but some may have more fun with the characters. My children loved the characters!

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